Learning Log-Wikis


I have come to realize that there are not a lot of art educational wikis out there! Here are a few wikis that are helpful to educators who want to teach elementary school, art, and integrate technology into their classroom:

“Mrs. Anderson’s Class:” This wiki page is for Mrs. Anderson’s second grade class. I chose this wiki because I want to teach elementary school art, and this page, while not solely about art, does include examples of art projects the students created. The page also includes examples of what the students are learning about and creating in their class, such as poems and science experiments. This wiki is much like a blog that a teacher would keep about their class, with posts about what is going on and examples of student work. A helpful page for educators to get ideas, it is also a good way for parents to see what is going on in their student’s classroom. http://mrsanderson10.pbworks.com/w/page/33263525/FrontPage

“Woodrow Wilson Elementary:” This was one of the only art class wiki pages I was able to find. This wiki is devoted to the art classes of Woodrow Wilson Elementary. The teacher has included her class schedule, and project ideas for the different grade levels. The teacher has also included ways you can integrate art with other subjects such as math and science. I found this to be a really helpful page that allows the different subject areas to work together. This wiki page seems to be more devoted to art educators as a way for them to get lesson and project ideas. http://art4cast.wikispaces.com/

“Burton’s Tech Tips:” This was a great wiki I found that related to our SLM 508 class. This wiki page is all about different technology sites such as “Google Tools” and “Twitter.” Here, there are pages devoted to numerous different technology tools, and guides and tips on how to use the sites. This would be a very helpful wiki page for teachers who would like to integrate such tools into their classroom, but need to either learn how to use them for the first time, or brushen up on their tech skills. I wish I had known about this page earlier! http://burtonstechtips.wikispaces.com/


Social and Collaborative Media


I created my own social media/networking VoiceThread. In my VoiceThread, I talk about social media in the classroom, and how it impacts teaching and learning. I also talk about two specific social media programs: Ning and Skype. Ning is a website that allows you to create a webpage based around a specific topic. Here, people can post pictures, enter chats, create discussion forums, create topics, and so much more all based around the ning topic. One great Ning that I found was “Art Education 2.0”, a ning created for art educators. Skype is an interactive chat program, where you can “call” people, and digitally talk face to face. This program would allow classes from different parts of the country or world interact with each other, or allow guest speakers in different parts of the country or world to speak to a class. Skype is a great resource for teachers. Check out my VoiceThread to learn more!

Learning Log-iGoogle



My iGoogle includes:

  • Date & Time
  • Google Docs
  • Twitter
  • Weather
  • Google Reader
  • Ravens
  • Gmail
  • Yankees
  • Youtube
  • CNN

iGoogle can be helpful for teachers and students who have numerous accounts, and use many different “gadgets” online. By placing a gadget link for all of these different webpages on one homepage, a teacher or student has the ability to organize their “online life.” Being able to see all of your webpages minimized onto one window can be helpful and organizing, rather than flipping back and forth between numerous different bookmarks. Gadgets such as the “calendar” are helpful to organize lessons, assignments, meetings, and due dates.